From the Archives: Where in the world is Dallas Thrasher?

In every way, this micro-article is an attempt to call Dallas Thrasher forth from wherever they are and ask them to make more music. Dallas, we know you’re hiding from the internet.

It’s time to come back out.

When I was combing through the work of this BLA/ALT alumnus, everything about them caught my senses. From the smart visual collage of their album artwork, to the way the titles painted poetic in their listings; I couldn’t help but listen through their bandcamp that was mysteriously hidden inside the url,

I started with their most recent work, BLACKCURRY, published quietly in this brilliant corner of the internet back in 2017. BLACKCURRY is a compilation modestly described as lo-fi next wave rnb. As I listened, I felt as if Dallas compiled the collection to carefully guide the listener through layers of erratic memory. Their command of theory and instrumental theatrics shines clear through “Private Dancer (New Jack Swing)”. I knew that they were master binaural storytellers when they ended the compilation with the bonus instrumental “Bring it With You When You Come (Brown Shugga)”, a departure from the former vibe but everything I needed to know to confirm my not-so-subtle, longform request: come out from hiding, Dallas Thrasher. We need your genius back in these BLA/ALT streets.

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